I love the idea of being very fit, but I don’t like the idea of dragging myself to a gym three to four days per week. Now that I have a team of world class Trainers, Physical Therapists, and Massage Therapists from Mobile Health & Fitness coming to my home, I am able to stay fit and pain free while better managing my time

Jon Sundt,
Altegris Investments,
Chairman & CEO
La Jolla, CA

The uniquely well-educated, professional team of physical and massage therapists at Mobile Health & Fitness have brought me through several life-threatening medical conditions and painful injuries during the past 18 of my 55 years, repeatedly encouraging me back to peak health and fitness and even helping me avoid orthopedic surgery. With their serious but sincere, compassionate approach, the Mobile Health & Fitness experts coax your mind and body back gently, knowing just when to push and when to take it easy on you. Thanks to Dave, who has seen me through major surgery and several illnesses, and Josh, who miraculously returned my shoulder to full function despite four major tears in my rotator cuff, you would never know I had ever had health issues of any kind.

Marilyn Noonan
La Jolla, CA

Mobile Health & Fitness has made a huge difference in my life. I am now 87 years old and David and his team at Mobile Health & Fitness have helped make it possible for me to play golf 5 days per week, run 3 miles three days per week, and lift weights 2 days per week. I am often tight and sore when they show up, but I always feel significantly better by the end of each session.

Richard C. Atkinson, PhD.,
President Emeritus UCSD,
La Jolla, CA

My husband and I had tried to stay fit on our own, and as a physician I was able to direct our cardiovascular workouts. However, working with Ry Peterson of Mobile Health and Fitness has brought our health to a new level, addressing strength and flexibility in addition to fitness. We are must safer from falls, and have significantly reduced the pain of our chronic aging-related orthopedic debacles. This therapy has been truly life changing.

Linda Hill, MD, MPH
Professor, School of Medicine, UCSD
La Jolla, CA

I have known David Douglass for over ten years. He has been my regular trainer weekly or bi-weekly for eight years. Dave is a pleasure to work with. His guidance, advice and training have kept me younger and stronger than my age (81) would have predicted.

Andrew Viterbi, PhD.,
Co-founder Qualcomm,
Professor Emeritus UCSD, UCLA

I am a 100% disabled veteran of the D Day invasion in WWII. I was taken prisoner of war by the Nazi S.S. and held captive until the war ended in 1945. Back in the U.S.A. I came under the care of great doctors at Scripps Memorial Hospital to care for the effects of my imprisonment, which earned me 3 purple hearts.

Four years ago, weighing 235 lbs with type II diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, pulmonary disease, back pain, and in a scooter, I was introduced by my doctors to Mobile Health & Fitness.

I began a 3 day per week training program of strength training, stationary bicycling, stretching, walking and physical therapy with David and Josh. With their direction, and my persistence, I have been consistent on their program, and it is paying off.

Today, at 91 years old, I have lost 60 pounds, my blood pressure is significantly lower, my pulmonary function is almost normal, my blood glucose is normal, my cholesterol is good, my back pain is very infrequent, and I walk 3 miles around La Jolla several times per week. I am indebted to my program and my team of trainers and physical therapists.

Robert V. Vallera Sr.
La Jolla, CA

Working with Mobile Health and Fitness has been a family affair for us, and as our needs have changed so have the services provided by David and his team.

I love hard workouts, but over the years my flexibility has decreased and my upper back and neck pain has increased. Working with Ry has solved this. My flexibility has greatly improved and I do not have any more chronic pain.

My parents have been working with David for years. My Mother recently turned 88 and broke both hips due to an unfortunate accident. She has been working with Noah and is now walking and climbing stairs again on her own. Despite her sometimes cranky mood, Noah has been able to coax her into exercising with his positive attitude, enthusiasm and never give up spirit.

Lynn E. Gorguze,
Chairman & CEO,
Cameron Holdings

I highly recommend Ry Peterson of Mobile Health & Fitness. A fitness trainer with a doctorate in physical therapy, Ry is well-grounded in his approach to developing overall fitness, strength training, and enhancing balance. He is personable and disciplined, and makes each session worthwhile. My balance has improved and I am generally more fit since we began working together.

Bob Caplan

David Douglass and his local Mobile Health & Fitness team have been working with my wife and me for approximately 10 years. They have helped us to effectively maintain and improve our fitness. Yes, we even look forward to our twice weekly visits from them.

Rod Dammeyer
President CAC, LLC

An important part of every week are the two sessions my daughter and I have with Josh. At 95 years with fractured vertebrae Josh keeps me "mobile" to enjoy an active life and my daughter fit to keep up with me.

Peg and Anne Marston
Balboa Park, CA