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Michael Runge

Michael Runge

Michael graduated from the University of North Texas with a Master of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sports Psychology and Exercise Physiology. During his time at North Texas, he was accepted into the athletic department’s Strength and Conditioning Fellowship where he worked coaching their Division I athletes. He built a reputation working with injured athletes bridging the gap between the Athletic Training Department and the Strength Staff. After finishing his Master’s Degree, he moved back home to California to pursue a Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy, which he completed at The University of St. Augustine in 2018.

As a Physical Therapist, Michael applies his background in Exercise Science and his advanced Manual Therapy skills to provide effective treatment programs helping patients reduce pain, improve strength and fitness, and allow them to return to the activities that they love.

As a San Diego native, Michael loves to spend his free time outdoors along with his wife traveling, surfing, hiking, snowboarding, and gardening.

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