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Annalise Thompson

Annalise Thompson

Annalise is a two-time San Diego State University Alumni receiving her B.S.in Kinesiology and Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2022. Annalise’s passion for this field stems from her active youth in San Francisco playing lacrosse and dancing. However, after many chronic injuries, pain limited her from reaching her full potential. After dealing with frustration from her own medical journey, she aspired to further her education of the human body and its ability to facilitate healing. Her goals are to help her clients optimize their movement, decrease pain, and prevent future injuries.

Annalise has a diverse background in functional movement as a framework for her exercise prescription, with a specialty in Pilates, Women’s Health, and Strength Training. She uses her hands-on skills to improve musculoskeletal impairments and improve pain, mobility, and strength. She believes in a holistic approach to movement that takes all facets of a person into consideration when assessing and creating a treatment plan.

In her free time, you can find Annalise cooking Mediterranean food, exploring San Diego’s newest coffee shops, or playing with her miniature Dachshund, Olive.

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