Our Team

Michael Infantino


Michael Infantino is an upstate New York native with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland. Prior to receiving his doctorate he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology with a focus in Exercise Science.

Michael has received training in a wide variety of hands on manual therapy techniques that include both muscle and joint mobilization. He is also well versed in exercise programing for athletes, Special Forces and “weekend warriors.”

Prior to joining Mobile Health and Fitness, Michael worked with a medical team that enhanced the mental and physical wellbeing of injured active duty military in Washington, D.C. by focusing on pain resolution, fitness, sleep, nutrition and resilience. Michael has experience treating a variety of conditions, including non- operative and operative injuries of the spine, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and foot. This also includes joint replacement.

Michael and his wife moved to San Diego in January of 2019 in hopes of being warmer. In their free time they love traveling and hope to see as much of the west coast as possible. Michael is also an avid golfer with unrealistic expectations of his own golfing ability.

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